28 July 2015

Women on the Rise

illustration by Sascia Däumichen
The demand for women programmers is on the rise because the software industry realized it has a long-standing brogrammer problem and remains economically stunted from a lack of gender and socio-economic diversity.

After decades of observing teams, I recognize that braggadocious brogrammer behavior, lock-step certainty, and baseless hubris, diminishes the opportunity to foster a learning team.

In my experience,
A diverse team raises the bar of social intelligence and civility.
Contrary to popular notion, few people want to get pummeled by a sophomoric pack of Nerf Gun Nincompoops for breaking the build or making a mistake.

Software is no longer produced by pre-historic rock quarry workers like Fred Flintstone.
"People unfamiliar with the nuts & bolts of software development imagine it's an engineering process, but it's a profoundly human activity."
Alan Cooper
Diverse, learning teams are much more fun, and by extension, more productive than mono-cultural, humiliation-centric teams.