Bob MacNeal
Co-Owner Working Company
Writer, Thinker & Existential Tinkerer

I am a software product developer with many years of software development experience.

I enjoy working with open-minded, forward-thinking people who like to produce and laugh.

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The 4th edition of Teamwork and Project Management by Karl Smith rolled off the presses in August 2013.

Many updates were included by Karl and collaborators in the 4th edition. I was honored to contribute the new Chapter 8, Agile Teams and Projects. Sections of this chapter include:
  • The Nature of Change
  • The Agile Manifesto
  • Characteristics of Agile Projects
  • Agile Design
  • The Lean Startup
Teamwork and Project Management, 4th Edition, by Karl Smith

My Company

Working Company is a Twin Cities software development company founded during the internet boom in the summer of 1998. Co-Owner Garry Smith is my fearless business partner.

Working Company frequently partners with Pintail Consulting, DevJam, Andrew Krall, and other talented people.