26 February 2015

Ten Outsourcing Considerations

Software developer testing with JUnit
Ten outsourcing considerations when choosing a software development team:
  1. Are they local?
  2. Are they recommended by someone you trust?
  3. Are they demonstrably adept in DevOps (Continuous integration, Continuous delivery, Product stewardship*)?
  4. Are they tech-stack agnostic?
  5. Do they have collaboration chops (Pair programming, Pull requests, Distributed version control system)?
  6. Are they hip to quality considerations (Interaction designTest-driven development, Test automation)?
  7. Are they a learning organization?
  8. Do they have soft skills?
  9. Are they product-centric rather than project-centric?
  10. Do they feature a high producer (team lead developer, developers) to non-producer ratio (i.e., architects, business analysts, scrum masters, account managers, reporting jockeys)?
*Product stewardship is an emerging topic for a future post. Subscribe or check back.