13 November 2009

Story Board for Google Wave

What's a Google Wave Gadget?
A gadget is an application Google Wave (GW) participants can install and use. Gadgets can take advantage of live interaction with multiple participants. Gadgets are specific to individual Waves. That is, the gadget belongs to everyone within the Wave.

What's Taskboardy?
In my July post Google Wave and Collaborative Projects, I articulated wishful thoughts about using GW for agile projects. Now we have Taskboardy. Taskboardy is a storyboard (as used in Agile, XP, Scrum) gadget made by Federico Zuppa. Federico is a developer and Agilist. Fede's blog, Agile Booknote, includes updates about Taskboardy. Gracias Fede!

GW participants who have installed Taskboardy are able to maintain a storyboard  including the functionality to:
  • Create or Delete a User Story;
  • Create or Delete a Task;
  • Update Task Statuses; and
  • Assign Tasks.
Technical Aspects
Taskboardy uses Javascript that calls the Google Wave API to persist the state of the taskboard in the Wave,  which is then simultaneously broadcasted to all participants. Federico's gadget features drag & drop using the Google JQuery API.

  • Garry Smith got Taskboardy installed in a Wave we initiated for a new agile project (Shown above). We will run Taskboardy through the paces for our chartering and beyond. I will post a review later this week as we progress.